When an investor deposits into a dHEDGE pool, they are issued pool tokens, which represent their share of the assets under management (AUM) for a given pool.
Ethereum v1 pools require Synthetix's native stablecoin, sUSD, to invest.
On Polygon pools, investors may invest with any asset the manager of that pool has enabled for depositing.
Investors can easily monitor pool performance directly from dHEDGE. Investment value over time can be seen from the "Investments" page. Individual pools also show performance over time, with options to compare to Bitcoin and Ethereum's performance.
Thanks to the transparent nature of the Ethereum Virtual Machine blockchains, investors can track exactly what trades a manager has made, and see what assets are currently in the manager's pool.


Investors may enter or exit a pool at any time by interacting with the pool smart contract. By default, all pools have a 24-hour lockup after investing. This provides flashloan protection and arbitrage protection.
When exiting the pool the investor receives its share of the underlying assets from the pool. It is recommended to interact with the smart contracts directly through the dHEDGE dapp.
On Ethereum v1 pools, FOX is supported on certain pools, allowing for single asset stablecoin withdrawal. Learn more about FOX here.
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