Uber Pool

The commission pool containing the protocol's revenue

dHEDGE pool managers can earn a performance fee based on their trading performance. The performance fee is distributed in pool tokens, meaning successful managers will increase the share of their own pool over time.

dHEDGE DAO has implemented an admin fee of 10% to performance fees. These pool tokens are collected in the Uber Pool as protocol revenue. Every time a manager receives performance fees, 10% of those fees are collected in the Uber Pool.

The Uber Pool currently has total assets of over $2.1M.

We can think of the Uber Pool as an ever-growing pool of the most successful pools on dHEDGE.

The only way to get exposure to the Uber Pool is through staking DHT. The DHT stakers will be responsible for rebalancing the Uber Pool to make sure it 1) maintains exposure to the best pools on dHEDGE 2) continues to grow.

Every quarter, part of Uber Pool growth can be converted to tokens distributed to stakers, similar to dividends payments.

How much is converted and what token is distributed to stakers may be decided via a vote by vDHT holders. Options have included the distribution of sUSD, DHT, or dTOP tokens.