dHEDGE is a decentralized non-custodial asset management protocol built on Optimism and Polygon (a layer two scaling solution built on Ethereum). dHEDGE facilitates censorship-resistant and non-custodial connections between individuals seeking to allocate funds to asset managers.
dHEDGE leverages blockchain technology to create a permissionless protocol for individuals to retain full ownership over their assets while reaping the benefits of enabling the best asset managers to manage their capital. Individuals can easily connect any ERC-20 compatible wallet to the dHEDGE app (dApp) to buy, store, and sell trust minimized vault tokens at any time without lock-ups.
The transparent nature of the Ethereum Virtual Machine blockchain allows the dHEDGE asset management protocol to record every vault's trades, deposits, withdrawals, and vault treasury on the blockchain as immutable transactions. Users can easily verify and track all of the transactions in a trust minimized vault by viewing their vault's contract address on the blockchain.
Key focal points of the dHEDGE protocol are:
  • Non-custodial: users retain ownership over their funds, asset managers cannot run away with individuals funds.
  • Decentralized: dHEDGE aims to create a permissionless, immutable, and safe protocol for investors and asset managers.
  • Verifiable: All transactions are recorded on the blockchain as transparent and immutable transactions
dHEDGE is a one-stop location for managers seeking to manage funds on-chain and for invetsors to put their capital to work in a non-custodial way.

Network Analytics

Protocol analytics can be found on the dHEDGE analytics page: https://app.dhedge.org/analytics
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