Depositing into a Vault

Deposits, or purchases of vault shares, are processed at the vault's net asset value (NAV), calculated at the time a deposit order is placed.

The term "Net Asset Value" is in relation to the vault’s valuation and pricing, which is derived from the difference between the trust minimized vault's assets and liabilities divided by the total number of vault units outstanding.

A vault's NAV represents a price per-token of a vault. So, when an individual deposits, they receive tokens equal to the amount of their depositing assets in dollars divided by what the price, or NAV, of the vault tokens are at that time of the transaction.

Trust minimized vault tokens may be purchased on any day and at any time, without any prior approvals by the vault Managers. This general rule applies only to public vaults. Private vaults allow only whitelisted wallet addresses to deposit at any time.

Managers have the ability to toggle between acceptable deposit assets that they allow for their vaults.

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