Vault Fees

Entry Fees: Set by the Manager (Max: 1%)

Exit Fees: Not Available

Performance Fee: Set by the Manager (Max: 20%)

Management Fee: Set by the Manager (Max: 3%)

This section will describe in detail how the Performance Fees and Management Fees are minted accross the dHEDGE ecosystem. To get a better understanding of the technicals, we have even included a Technical Breakdown.

Fees may be adjusted by Managers within the dHEDGE management interface by the Vault Manager. When the Manager does so, all vault depositors receive an announcement and Fee changes take place after 30 days from the time of the announcement is made. To view the announcement, individuals need to visit the managerโ€™s vault address within the dHEDGE app and a notification will appear at the top in a banner.

All fees are charged evenly across every depositor. There is no preferential treatment of fees available to be set by the Managers at the moment for specific investors.

The Manager can manually mint these fees when they are available by initiating the Mint Fees function from within the Manager interface, or they are minted automatically, if available, when there is a new deposit or withdrawal.

The Available Fee function is called every time there is a new deposit or withdrawal. This applies to the availability of the Management and Performance Fees only. The logic of the performance and admin fee is executed via interacting with a vault's own proxy contracts, of which the implementation used across all vaults can be found here: Polygonscan.

Entry Fees

Entry fees are collected during deposit. The entry fee is distributed to all token holders to pay for rebalancing costs after new deposits.

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