Supported Assets

As dHEDGE is powered by Synthetix, dHEDGE managers can trade any synthetic asset.

There are more than 40 synthetic assets available to trade spanning several types of asset classes.

Inverse synths - synths whose ticker symbol starts with the letter i - are synthetic assets that provide short exposure to the underlying asset.

Equity Index Tokens: sNIKKEI, sFTSE

Commodities: sXAG, sXAU


Index Tokens: sDEFI, iDEFI, sCEX, iCEX

Crypto assets: sBTC, iBTC, sETH, iETH, sLINK, iLINK, sBNB, iBNB, sXRP, iXRP, sXMR, iXMR, sETC, iETC, sDASH, iDASH, sTRX, iTRX, sADA, iADA, sXTZ, iXTZ, sEOS, iEOS, sLTC, iLTC, sBCH, iBCH

Upcoming Attractions

Individual equities are in the pipeline to be added as synths - imagine sTSLA and sAAPL. These equities will likely be live once there is sufficient decentralisation of the Synthetix protocol.

Trader Tooling

Synthetix futures will provide managers with enhanced tooling to generate ROI. Futures will give the ability to trade with significant leverage. Read more in the Synthetix futures primer.

Limit order functionality will be added to Synthetix.