Supported Assets

New assets can be added to dHEDGE V2 contracts if an asset has a Chainlink feed, or any reliable oracle feed, and has sufficient liquidity.

Up to 10 assets may be enabled for vaults to manage at any given time. Liquidity-providing tokens are considered assets that contribute to reaching that limit.

Assets enabled for a vault may be changed within the vault management page. All available assets are listed there as well.

To utilize Lending/borrowing via AAVE, the AAVE lending token must be enabled.

Managers can provide liquidity to earn trading fees and stake these tokens for extra yield. See below for all available LP tokens.

Polygon Network

The following assets are supported currently on Polygon.


Toros Finance Tokens


Arrakis LP Tokens

Balancer LP Tokens

Sushi LP Tokens

Optimism Network

The following assets are available on Optimism.

Velodrome LP Tokens

Ethereum Network

The following assets are supported currently for dHEDGE V1 vaults on Ethereum L1.

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