Protocol Contract Security

Contract Audits

The dHEDGE platform has been battle-tested through being live on Ethereum mainnet since August 2020. The protocol has also been audited twice by Certik (2021) and iosiro (2020), and has a standing bug bounty program with ImmuneFi.

A feature of dHEDGE is Guarded Open Access Transactions (GOAT) which allow protocols and specific actions (contracts) to be whitelisted, such as staking or lending, without putting depositors capital at risk. Managers can only use these whitelisted contracts, all other transactions will fail.

Bug Bounty

dHEDGE has launched a bug bounty program with Immunefi for the community to help make the dHEDGE protocol even more secure through community contributions. Payouts from finding a bug are as high as $25,000 for successfully reporting a “critical-level” bug. This initiative supports crowd source intelligence from the community who wish to participate in the protocol’s security.

More details of the program can be found here:

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