The dHEDGE DAO token, $DHT, serves multiple functions:
  1. 1.
    Facilitate decentralized governance
  2. 2.
    Incentivize investors to deposit assets into top-performing managers
  3. 3.
    Share in protocol revenue and treasury
One unique value proposition of DHT is that holders may choose to charge an administration fee on the dHEDGE platform. DHT had its token generation event (TGE) in September 2020. The total supply will be fixed at 100,000,000 DHT. The specifics of the fee will be determined by DHT token holders and is currently 10%. The admin fee as well as direct investments from the DAO are collected in a smart contract, or protocol treasury. DHT holders will, through staking, be able to make certain decisions governing this DAO such a reallocations or liquidations.
That being said, significant decentralization will be required for dHEDGE to reach its full potential as an unstoppable, trustless, censorship-resistant, non-custodial asset management protocol. The DHT token address is: