DHT Staking & Governance

To stake DHT, head to https://app.dhedge.org/rewards/staking. You will see something like this:

You will need to enter an amount of DHT to stake as well as a lockup period. Lock-up period is ranging from 1 month to 3 years. The longer you lock-up for the higher your governance and rewards power, vDHT!

This is how vDHT works:

  • vDHT is based on staked DHT * lock-up time

  • vDHT decays linearly over time

  • For example, a user locking-up DHT for 10 months instead of 1 month will have 10 times as many vDHT

  • User can increase amount of DHT locked at any time as well as increase the lock-up time

This is a visual representation of the governance and earnings power as a function of time locked:

vDHT declines linearly as lockup time goes to zero. Your governance and earnings power is calculated as vDHT/(Total vDHT).

Governance & Uber Pool

dHEDGE pool managers can earn a performance fee based on their trading skill. The performance fee is distributed in pool tokens, meaning successful managers will increase the share of their own pool over time. The dHEDGE DAO has implemented an admin fee of 10% of performance fees. These pool tokens are collected in the Uber Pool. The Uber Pool currently has total assets of over $1.6M.

We can think of the Uber Pool as an ever growing pool of the most successful pools on dHEDGE.

The only way to get exposure to the Uber Pool is through staking of DHT. The DHT stakers will be responsible for rebalancing the Uber Pool to make sure it 1) maintains exposure to the best pools on dHEDGE 2) continues to grow. Part of Uber Pool growth can be converted to sUSD and distributed to stakers.

Apart from the Uber Pool, the DHT stakers will be able to make other governance decisions regarding the dHEDGE protocol by voting on our Snapshot page: https://gov.dhedge.org/#/dhedge/community ‚Äč


Rewards for DHT stakers will be paid in DHT and sUSD. DHT rewards will initially be set to 25,000 DHT per week. Overall DHT rewards are now distributed as follow:

  • DHT staking: 25,000 DHT per week

  • Performance Mining: 5,000 DHT per day (vested for 3 months

We expect sUSD rewards to DHT stakers, as described above, to be possible on a quarterly basis starting around the end of Q1 of 2021.