Performance Mining


  • 500,000 DHT to be rewarded over a 3 month trial starting in December 2020

  • Early users have been rewarded 50,000 DHT

  • 450,000 DHT is being distributed over 90 days

  • Rewards are locked for 3 months

How Performance Mining Works

You get rewarded DHT when you invest in pools on the dHEDGE platform that have good performance. This is a way to incentivize participants, distribute DHT to the actual members of the dHEDGE ecosystem and to reward good performing managers.

Criteria for performance mining reward

Only investments into eligible pools count towards rewards. Eligibility criteria is subject to change.

Pools need to:

  1. Have a positive Sortino Ratio (meaning they have returns above a certain threshold)

  2. Have been funded more than 4 weeks ago

  3. Be Public, ie open to anyone

Eligible pools are clearly marked with a mining symbol on the dHEDGE Leaderboard. Note that Managers that invest in their own pools are considered investors and can earn rewards like everyone else.

Rewards are locked for 3 months, after which they will be claimable. This initial Performance Mining program is set to run for 90 days. The program will then be evaluated by dHEDGE DAO.

Rewards are distributed pro-rata based on the value of everyone’s investments. Every day for 90 days, 5,000 DHT will be distributed to investors on the dHEDGE platform.

Head to the Rewards tab on the app to check your distribution:

Early Users Rewards

On December 10, 2020 a snapshot was taken and 50,000 DHT was distributed to investors on the platform that were fulfilling the criteria for Performance Mining as set out above. Early users rewards are locked for 3 months. Head to the Rewards tab on the app to check your distribution:

Note: In March 2021, the performance mining program was extended for another 2 months.