Fast Oracle Exchange (FOX Swap)
Gas cost savings feature enabled on certain pools
Fast Oracle Exchange (FOX) is a gas-saving measure on Ethereum layer 1, which can reduce the gas cost of investing or exiting from dHEDGE pools by 90%.
The FOX Oracle talks to an Ethereum node and asks for dHEDGE pool data, including relevant Chainlink asset prices. FOX then signs the pool data and gives it to the investor who can choose to use the data on-chain to execute transactions such as to invest or exit.
FOX is a secondary market for dHEDGE pools. This means FOX requires liquidity to be enabled (a DHPT and stablecoin pair). This also means investing or withdrawing with FOX does not trigger the performance fee "mint" action for dHEDGE pools.
The FOX transaction includes a timestamp. The transaction must be set to "Fast" execution, otherwise, the transaction will timeout and fail.
FOX is enabled only on the Ethereum mainnet. It is unavailable in Layer 2 and EVM compatible chains.
Last modified 3mo ago
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